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Women & Their "Masculine Energy"

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

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Occasionally, a new term emerges from places unknown and suddenly that term takes on a meaning of its own. The emergence is not age based but rather linked to the usage often by a new generation or in the promotion of justification of a movement or agenda. The term “masculine energy” was unfamiliar to me and in my ignorance I was unaware of the usage to describe women. So just as any reputable researcher or writer would do, I googled it!

Google stated “Masculine energy in women is not about being

a man, but about the traits that women can exhibit and identify with; it can be related to success in career, competition, drive, action and goals.” Google continues “it can be useful for protection and business. However, it can be destructive if not balanced with feminine energy.” According to some women, the term identifies a woman who believes she does not need a man because she can operate in her masculine energy when required.

Upon first hearing the term I assumed it was yet another derogatory termed aimed at belittling men. As a result of the mistaken assumption, I anticipated writing this article about the continue divide between man and women. I am more offended now, offended on behalf of women!

The term “masculine energy” as described above adopts and promotes the notion that women are incapable of being successful in any facet of life without channeling “masculine energy.” Are we to believe that in the absence of this masculine energy,” women are unlikely to be successful. The term further promotes the narrative that a woman does not need man because she can channel her inner man on demand! Sidebar: the

statement I don’t need a man is possible the dumbest saying in history!

Like the masculine energy theory, the I don’t need a man theory is equally confusing. First, who said it and it there an unwritten law proclaiming all women need a man. Yet the theory of women not needing men is seemingly as old as life itself and is hammered in their psyche man girls from a very young age. And the truth is women don't need men and certainly don't have to operate in some made up masculine energy to validate that. History appropriately validates that for women. Where we think about relationships and marriages and men and women, we must ask ourselves where did this concept of a woman needing a man come from. The idea behind a man and woman in a relationship or in a marriage

was never born out of a woman needing a man. In fact if one were to look at The Bible as the source it clearly states the woman was made to be a helpmate to the man. That implies it was the man that needed help.

Sooner or later men and women collectively need to kill these useless and divisive terms. I will take the first swing! Women do not need men! Women can take care of themselves in the absence of any male! Women are capable of being successful in business, sports, life, and any other area without channeling so called “masculine energy.” With that said it is perfectly acceptable for a man or women to desire someone, someone to build with, grow with, someone who makes them a better version of themselves, someone who makes the ups happier and the downs more bearable.

- Cliff Brown -

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