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Walk Into Your Rawness #selflove #takebackyourvoice

Updated: Jan 30

Let's talk about operating in our freaking truth for once! No filter, no fear, just straight being who the F we are are! #purerawness

We've all been there, staying quiet and practically walking on eggshells to keep the peace, keeping it cool when inside, we're a hot mess. Whether it's dropping those three little words to the man you think is yours or hitting them with a 'we need to talk'. How about when your girl steps out looking a hot mess, and you know you should tell her she's doing too much, but you don't.

But let's not skate around the heavy stuff. Like confessing something that cuts deep, or calling out the homeboy who's lost his way, breaking up with the woman you should've left 3 years ago. It's about getting up on your feet and spitting out the hard truth, even when you're scared and you have no idea what will happen next. But it can't be worst than what you're already dealing with.

We got this habit of locking up our words, thinking we're keeping the peace, but really, we're just signing up for a world of hurt. Here's the headline, boo: You are important. Your thoughts, your emotions, and it's about time they're heard. You FREAKING Matter!!

Some folks might play the fool, acting like they don't know what’s up. Others? Oh, they know the game, and they're playing it at your expense, just waiting for you to keep playing the mute. But here's the newsflash—they played themselves, 'cause we're done with the BS! It's our freaking time to make ourselves a priority.

We're stepping into a season where silence is not the answer, and letting folks treat us any old way is no longer acceptable. Let that voice of yours roar, shake off those secrets, and kick fear to the curb. Change can be a good look, and it's about time you wear it proudly.

Now, let's keep it classy, and not get ignorant with it! The golden rule will always be, kill em with kindness. It's all about that respect. Say what you mean, mean what you say, lay down the law with a smile, keep it smooth, even if you're serving them things that they don't want to hear. Sure, a good old-fashioned read might be on the menu for some, but be sure to choose your battle. Everybody that deserves to be cursed out, ain't even worth the cursing out.

It's all about breaking free and claiming your spot in this world. Let go of those played-out traditions that has no significance, walk away from those so-called friends who don't know the first thing about support, and most importantly, stop playing pretend with the one in the mirror. Yes, I'm talking about you keeping it real with yourself, too.

Self-sabotage is so last season. We're all about that self-love and bigging ourselves up. You've earned it, and you better believe you deserve it. It's 2024, and vulnerability isn't just beautiful—it's your superpower, unlocking doors to everywhere you want to be.

Until next time,

Love, Peace & Kisses

The LoveChologist

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