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Til Death Does Us Part - Kenny J #singlespotlight

Tell us about you and your wife

My wife was gifted at many things. One for sure was cooking and baking. She was very passionate about education and taught students with learning disabilities. She always did things with a high level of excellence, as everything had to be done right. 

Q: Kenny, thank you for sitting down with me. Your positive outlook on life is truly remarkable. Can you tell us about how you keep such a positive attitude, especially in the face of personal challenges like losing your wife?

Maintaining a positive attitude is a mechanism I use to promote positivity. In the face of personal challenges, maintaining positivity is something I focus on; mainly because some challenges like losing my wife is something I cannot change. Of course, challenges are taking on this mindset, but I believe standing strong and keeping a positive attitude is contagious. For me it sets an example for my children; that whatever comes your way a positive attitude always wins.

Q:   Many people find it difficult to cope with loss, yet you have managed to stay happy and write about love. Can you share with us how you find the strength to do so? 

Coping with loss is always hard. It’s not always easy to manage but writing about love and happiness is fulfilling. Writing about emotions helps with the healing. It’s like a painter painting a picture of a favorite place they love. Writing about love and happiness gives me the strength. Writing for me, just like the painter; puts me in that desired place. 

Q: Your music is known for its focus on love and positivity. How has your personal journey influenced the themes and messages in your songs? 

The essence of music has the ability to emote feelings. The power of it should be cared for with a high level of respect. My personal journey has everything to do with presenting love and positivity in music. The influence and themes push my desire to spread these emotions through song. Everyone should love and spread positivity as this will help the emotions of our world.

Q: Your dedication to happiness and love is truly remarkable. Can you share any specific moments or experiences that have shaped your outlook on life and influenced your music? 

The moment I decided to break away from the normal and focus on my heart. I love music, as it’s a part of me I'll never let go. When I decided to push past what others said would never be, I saw a shift. This prospective changed my life. It shaped my perspective and now I'm free to talk and promote love with a pure heart.

Q: How do you see your music evolving in the future? Do you plan to continue focusing on themes of love and positivity, or do you anticipate exploring new topics and emotions in your work?

Music is forever evolving, and it will continue to until the end of time. I'm open to anything that promotes positivity. Love never gets old. Exploring new topics and emotions are always welcome.

Q: This may be a difficult question, but I must ask, if you were allowed to have a five-minute conversation with your wife, what would you thank her for concerning you and what she taught you about love?

If I were allowed five minutes with her, I would thank her for almost 21 years of development in our relationship. I'd thank her for helping to mature me in the things related to love. 

Q: Finally, is there anything you would like to say to your fans and those who may be facing challenges in their lives, based on your journey and experiences? 

Yes! Life is forever evolving. You choose how your life will look, and you choose how you respond to those choices. Life is full of different things but if learn to always find the positive. Always find a better, with hopes that it will get better. My journey is just getting warmed up. Thanks to everyone who supports this love mission. 



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