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Skyn Deep & Satin Sheets #sextalk

Planet 69

My passion is awakened.

As I position my mouth

On her sun and moon

They rise,

erect with extreme pleasure and wanting anticipation.

I kiss, as my mind yearns to taste the fruit that cascades from her aura.

My hands….my hands begin to travel.

As my fingers voyage into

The place where her mercury is held.

My appetite for her grows.

My mouth settles inside her womanhood.

My mouth longs for the taste her;

The taste I long for satisfies my craving.

I sense the pulsating vibration as I kiss the jewel inside her.

It makes me want more...

In her heighten moment of pleasure.

She grabs hold of me.

She wraps her hands around me…

As I continue to sip on her mercury

She opens her mouth to accept my longing.

She opens her mouth to excite me.

She lays across my frame.

Body in rhythm with excitement

She moves like stars, dancing up and down.

He is rotating on my axis

Hot like fire

Warm and wet

Her body trembles.

And mine shakes

Both lost in pleasure

Heightened desire is now reaching destination.

At the same time

In the same rhyme

In the same rhythm

We taste the essence of one another through climax.




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