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Quality vs. Quantity #mentalk

Updated: Apr 9

What's up, my brothers? Let's take a minute and chop it up about something real—a little heart-to-heart from your boy who's been handed the mic, courtesy of The LoveChologist, herself.  She hit me up, wanting a man's perspective for the mag, and just like that, your man here went from the couch to columnist. She even threw a name at me, "Godfather Consigliere," and I'm thinking, how are you gonna say no to a name with so much respect attached to it like that?  After all, what man hasn’t seen “The Godfather?”

So, here's the deal: she’s given me the green light to speak on whatever's on my mind, no strings attached. That's right, we've got ourselves a no-holds-barred, straight-talk space where we can keep it 100. No one's here to play gatekeeper to our thoughts or our lives.

"Quality vs. Quantity." That's the conversation starter, the appetizer to this feast of real talk. Quality is about that top-shelf life—the kind of stuff that has you feeling like royalty, even on a regular Tuesday. It's about valuing the craftsmanship, the realness, and the things that stand the test of time.

Then there’s quantity, and don't get it twisted—it's got its own vibe. It's about playing the numbers, filling your life with experiences, people, and yes, sometimes even stuff. It's about living large and spreading yourself out there.

But here's the kicker: sometimes more can be more, just like less can be more. It's about what works for you, what keeps you grounded, and what makes you thrive.

To help you figure out where you stand, I've put together a little something—a test to see if you're more about that quality life or if you're rolling in the quantity lane. No judgment, just a bit of introspection with a side of fun.

The Real Man's Test: Quality vs. Quantity


1. When it comes to your circle, do you:

   A) Keep a tight squad of day-ones.

   B) Have a phone book's worth of acquaintances.


2. Dream whip pulls up, what's it gonna be:

   A) A classic, timeless machine with soul.

   B) The latest tech on wheels, fresh and flashy.


3. Buffet time, what's your move:

   A) Pick out the choice cuts and enjoy every bite.

   B) Stack that plate to the ceiling—variety's the spice of life, right?


4. Shopping for threads, what's your style:

   A) Quality over quantity, every single time.

   B) A deal's a deal, and you can never have too many options

5. Night out with the boys, what's the plan:

   A) A spot where you can chill and actually have a convo.

   B) Why settle for one venue when the city's full of them?  We bar hopping


6. At work, how do you handle business:

   A) Focus on the task at hand, make it perfect.

   B) Keep all the plates spinning—multitask like a boss.


7. Vacation vibes, what's your preference:

   A) A well-planned adventure, all about the experience.

   B) The epic rush of hitting as many spots as you can—living for the journey, not just the destination.


Now, count up those A's and B's, and let's see where you land. If you're heavy on the A's, you're the kind of man who values the essence of things. You're about lasting quality, not just shiny appearances. You invest in connections and goods that don't just look good, but feel good—because they're real, just like you.

If B's are your jam, you're the man with the plan to experience it all. Why settle for a slice when you can have the whole pie, right? You value variety and the spice it brings to life. You're all about getting out there, meeting new folks, and stacking experiences like trophies.

Let’s keep it real: life ain't black and white. It's about that balance. You can have a closet with a few fly pieces that last and still hit up the buffet line to sample a bit of everything. It's about knowing when to go all-in on quality and when to spread the love with quantity.

So, that's my take on "Quality vs. Quantity" from your man, The Godfather. This is just the start, fellas. I'm here to keep it laid back, classy, and real with you. Stick around, we will be touching on all sorts of topics, peel back some layers, and get into what it means to navigate this world as a solid man today.

Until the next time, keep living your truth, whether that's with a few prized possessions or a life filled with varied riches.  Let me know where you stand—because this column isn't just about my thoughts. It's about all of us, speaking up and showing out.


Stay up,

The Godfather


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