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My Single Sexy Pastor #singlespotlight

Darrrell - Washington DC

So, tell us about yourself! 

I Am Darrell Owens, I pastored a traditional Christian church for 20 years and I was married for 8 of those years I am now single. Today I am the spiritual director for Journey Spiritual Center where I am the lead teacher and public intellectual. I am a successful entrepreneur with multiple businesses in Washington D.C.

So, honey, spill the tea! What are your thoughts on being a hot, single pastor with a flock to lead? How does that play into your personal and professional beliefs about love and relationships? 

As a spiritual teacher I think it’s important to be realistic. to be honest, and to be actually helpful, not helpful by just projecting good will, but helpful in the sense of providing the best guidance even if it doesn't quench the thirst of the natural mind.

As a love guru, I'm all about breaking down barriers. How do you defy the stereotypes and stigmas surrounding single pastors, and what's your secret to staying fabulous while doing it? 

I start with self-awareness, then add courage. After that the final ingredient is sincere and vibrant belief in the best version of yourself. make that your starting point, doubt the thoughts of others but never doubt the best version of yourself.

Now, let's get juicy - do you ever feel the pressure to put a ring on it just to satisfy societal norms or the expectations of your congregation? How do you stay true to yourself and you’re calling in the face of all that noise? 

I definitely use to feel that pressure but today I know so much better than to give into culture and its trends.

I've been able to avoid culture traps because I keep in mind that integrity, love, and even being a victim can all be projected and not actual at the same time. So, I keep trusting myself and the divine within me.

Balancing love and leadership can be a real juggling act. How do you navigate the delicate dance between your desires for a relationship and your responsibilities as a spiritual guide? Is there a difference? 

Not really, I think religion forces you into co-motion within yourself. True spirituality permeates all of the corridors of life so whether you are coaching a sports franchise, a line-cook at a diner, or a minister, the spirit is guiding, revealing, and convincing us at all times in every space.

Let's keep it real - have you consciously chosen the single life while in ministry? If so, dish out the deets on what led you to that decision and how you communicate it to your flock without ruffling any feathers. 

No, I haven't chosen the single life, I just chose life. My relationship will emerge and blossom out of healthy living. The greatest message I could ever preach to those who follow me is the life that I live. My life teaches that courage is the refusal to align with or to accommodate fear. It teaches that we don't have to be perpetually bitter or depressed in real life.

Being single doesn't mean you can't drop wisdom nuggets about love and relationships. How do you connect with your congregation on matters of the heart, despite not having a boo of your own? 

I have taught and written extensively on the subject of love and relationships. I've lived out a few scenarios of my own as well. I really just stay truthful and graceful.

Share the love, honey! What advice do you have for other single pastors who might be feeling the heat from societal pressures or their own desires for a little romance while trying to keep the faith alive? 

I say to remember to lift yourself up and to believe in their own divinity.

Okay, any unexpected perks or fresh insights you've gained as a single pastor that have added some extra spice to your ministry and your relationships with your flock?

It’s cool as a single leader to relate and gather with the singles and sometimes turn the married couples or individuals into the plus one or third wheel.

Last but not least, are you open to mingling and ready to find that special someone? How does your potential pursuit of a relationship fit into the big picture of your role as a pastor and leader?

I would want a woman who was conscious and liberated in her own life to be my partner and help contribute to the lives of those that we lead.


Share your thoughts?

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