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Meet Andrea #singlespotlight


Hello Darling, tell my LoveChology audience about you and make them understand why I picked you as my first Singles Spotlight:

Hey there gorgeous!! I am a driven, passionate, introverted extrovert, with a helping spirit!! I am a little firecracker and I love to boost confidence, liveliness, and vibes around me! I am the mom of two sons (who are absolutely amazing), an entrepreneur (I love to dance so why not make it a business!), a devoted daughter (parents are our second set of children), and a professional (yes, I have a regular job too).

Q: Many of our readers may be curious about your approach to dating as a single mom. How do you navigate the world of dating while prioritizing your children, working full-time, and running your dance studio?

I am a mom first. I prioritize being a mom above my job (because if I die they will fill my position and keep rolling, my kids can't do that), about my business (I run a business to leave a legacy for them but if they never get time or memories with me because of the business it's pointless), as for dating, UNTIL I am a wife….. I have to plan time to date just like I plan time for anything else. I have to have a partner who understands I get busy sometimes and that there will be times when I have to be there for my kiddos. I don't allow men I date to meet my kids until we are in a serious relationship. I prefer not to have lots of men around my children or even in my home for that matter.

Q: In a world where societal expectations often shape our perceptions of love and family, how do you define "happily ever after" for yourself?

Happily, ever after for me means, I have my person, and the ones I love are doing well. I am big on family and friends and could go on forever about what I want for my loved ones but regarding my person...I don't just want someone to call my husband...I want my forever person. My lover, my protector, my partner, my prayer warrior, a peacemaker, my confidante, my leader, my man, my man, my man! I want that person that can make me feel alright when it's been a rough day. I want him to make me laugh without even trying. I want to feel safe with him. Not just physically, but emotionally, mentally, spiritually, hell let me be real...financially. I want my person. But I also want to be his person. I want him to wake up and think about me. I want him to not be able to sleep well when I'm not cuddled up to him. I want him to be comfortable enough with me to be vulnerable and open.

Q: We know you're an expert in expressing emotions through dance. How do you think the art of dance can enhance one's understanding and experience of love and relationships?

We are a ladies-only facility, so I do A LOT of confidence building, exploring our feminity, and tapping into our inner sexy divaness! I give a spill at the beginning of every party, during each pole class, and to every lady on her first session (I won't give details because you'll have to come in studio to get that) to let them know it's okay to let their guard down and have fun at Resilience Studios. It's okay to be vulnerable, uninhibited, and simply free. The music starts playing and sometimes it taps into an inner happiness, hurt, love, or passion that you didn't even know existed. You let your body flow comfortably...that's a masterpiece


Q: When envisioning your ideal partner, what qualities and characteristics are most important to you? If you could have your way, what would he look like? Does it matter?

I need a quality man!! Seriously, I love a man that is willing to be open with me. I am a talker, so I want to be able to talk and figure through things whether good or bad. I love a man who can be vulnerable and who makes me feel safe enough to be vulnerable. I like an assertive leader, not to be confused with aggressive, but I want to know that it's okay to fall back and let him take charge. I love a man that has goals and ambitions. I love a patient, nonjudgmental, caring man who allows me to be me...flaws and all. He has to be fun, be ready to travel, love family, be handy, and be interactive. Oh my gosh, he has to be willing to surprise me and make me feel special! He has to date me forever. Yes, physicality matters to me! Sorry, not sorry. I want a man that's taller than me (doesn't take much), I'm a beard lover, fit (somewhat...not like Mr. Muscle guy but can pick me up lol).

Q: If you were to plan an intimate date night with a budget of only $50, what creative and meaningful activities would you include to make the evening special and memorable for both you and your potential partner?

I definitely need to know what he likes first! But, piece of cake...I'd first off get ready with things he loves, that outfit, that certain fragrance, those certain shoes, that hairdo...all the things. Mind you, I'm a natural girl so all those things were free and I'm still on budget! Then I'd pick him up so he can ride and feel special! We'd go to one of those little hole-in-the-wall restaurants where the food is cheap but so, so good and you leave so full you might pop. We've probably spent about $30 at that point. Then we'd find a little lounge that lets you in free before a certain time (I don't like being out too late anyway) and dance dance dance...then sit and watch other people dance, we'd talk, we'd laugh, we'd have a great time. We'd leave after we’ve danced our hearts out, ride out to a peaceful beautiful place, and sit and talk and enjoy each other and then I'd take him home and keep my change for our next date!

Q: Would you do a long-distance relationship? Why or why not?

I would! Not forever, but during the dating stage and while we are figuring it out. Once in a serious relationship, I'm even willing to date long distance for a planned timeframe. I've dated long distance, and it was nice because we didn't have to rush, didn't feel pressured, had a chance to miss each other, and got to travel.

Whew shuga...I guess it depends on how bad (covers my face). If it's bad but he's willing to learn and has the equipment to be teachable, I won't run. But if he's horrendous and not willing to learn, boy bye. We have to be willing to learn to please our partner so that willingness can make or break the situation

Q: Finally, as our singles spotlight, what message would you like to share with our readers about embracing their unique journeys and finding love and fulfillment in unexpected places?

Love you, cherish you, know you, value you, build you and always be willing to be a better version of you first. If you show self-confidence, self-love, and self-worth, you are more likely to attract someone who is healed, whole, and ready to love you in that amazing space you are in. Also, when you know who you are, whose you are, and how you are, you are less likely to fall for Okie dokes. You will only make yourself accessible to those that are worth it!


Q: We got to ask our signature question. What is your definition of love and happiness?

It's that tingling down inside that makes you want to dance!! It's so big that you can't contain it but so sacred that you don't want to share it. It makes you smile whenever you think about it and makes you laugh when you talk about it!


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