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Is It Preferences or Insecurities?

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Okay HoneyBuns, the quest to finding "The One," or at least, "The One For Now." Ain't it a trip? We're all out here with our laundry list of preferences, as if we truly know exactly what we want. But let's be real: are we looking for love, or are we just shopping for an ego boost? Now, it's all good and well to have preferences. "Educated, and a little bit nerdy," or "must love kids and have a passport, " or even "tall, dark, bald and handsome," let us not forget a nice, well groomed beard. Ok Okay, this blog is not about me. Lord knows I love a bald head and a beard. No judgement here, but have you ever stopped to wonder if these so-called preferences are just our insecurities hiding behind a clever disguise?

Let's face it. We all have insecurities. Yes, even you, Mr. "I-have-it-all-together" and Ms. "I'm-too-cool-for-insecurity." It's a part of being human. But here's the kicker: Sometimes, our insecurities are so sneaky, they dress up as 'preferences' and trick us into believing that what we want is in a package that looks a certain way. But what if that perfect package is just a shiny distraction? What if what we really need is sitting quietly in a box that doesn't look like anything we imagined? A box that, dare I say it, might make us face our insecurities head-on. Now, that's a plot twist no one saw coming! Not even myself! Dangit, the more I invest in loving myself, the more my mirror keeps dropping, 'rude awakenings' on my tail.

Imagine this. You're at a party, and you spot someone across the room. They're not your usual type. They're not dressed in the latest fashion trend, they're not spinning intriguing tales to a crowd of admirers, and they're not oozing that magnetic charm you usually fall for. Instead, they're humble, genuine, and have a quiet confidence about them that draws you in. Suddenly, you realize that this person, this unexpected package, is making you question your so-called 'preferences.' And that, my friend, is your insecurities having a mini panic attack. Our insecurities can be our own worst enemies in the game of love. They whisper, "You can't handle someone so self-assured, you need someone who's just as insecure as you are," or "If you choose someone successful, they'll realize you're a fraud." The worst part? We often listen to these whispers and end up choosing partners who don't challenge us to face our insecurities and grow. So, here's a wild idea. What if we start acknowledging our insecurities for what they are? What if we start unpacking these hidden fears and doubts, instead of letting them dictate our love lives? Maybe, just maybe, we'll realize that the 'package' we've been avoiding is exactly what we need. And who knows, that humble, unassuming box might just have the most amazing surprise inside. After all, love isn't a shopping spree where you pick and choose based on what looks good on the outside. It's about finding someone who complements you, challenges you, and makes you face those pesky insecurities. So, let's stop letting our insecurities call the shots, and start opening up to the possibilities that lie in the unexpected boxes. Who knows, you might just find love in the most unlikely package.

Until Next Time!!!

Peace, Love & Kisses,

LaTonya MeChelle

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