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From The Car To The Bed #sextalk

We moved from front to back. 

you moved from me merely kissing on your breasts, 

to you feeding me like a snack 

I licked my lips...maybe even a sexy smack,

as I dined on your essence, kept the rhythm on track...

I wanted your water to fall with each stroke of my tongue. 

I wanted to quench a thirst from the fountain sprung. 

The position was changed, 

it was time to go inside, 

a wonderful essence 

a feeling I could not hide. 

There was a dual gasp and a moan. 

as the entry occurred, 

the aura, the air 

something was stirred. 

time stood still with each heartbeat. 

we traveled from the back 

to the inside and the King size sheets.


Thrust after thrust 

like a boat gliding in the ocean 

the outpouring of pleasure 

with each erotic motion.

from the stern position, I was stern at attention. 

lost in this potion.

The appetite was being satisfied,

but the thirst was real. 

I went back down for more, 

There was a peach I needed to peel. 

that sweet nectar began to pour out like a shower.

made her moan, 

seemed like an hour

that nectar had me going from its sensual power.

in the end a dual climax both bodies pleasured 

satin sheets wet with love; 

a feeling, a time, both to be treasured. 




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