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Food Sensation #datenight

So, we've been doing some digging, chatting with folks about what's really going down in their relationships. Turns out, things in the bedroom have hit a bit of a snooze button for a lot of couples out there. And it's not just the ladies feeling this way; the fellas are in the same boat. Seems like the big bad wolf of boredom is huffing and puffing at the bedroom door, and it's got a lot to do with folks not wanting to step out of their comfort zone. Nobody wants to feel judged, right?


That's why we're all about shaking things up here at the mag. We're bringing you all sorts of tips and tricks to keep that fire crackling, and we're not just talking about the hot and heavy. We're keeping it real with ideas that cater to everyone, no matter where you're at on the wild scale.


Now, let's get into something a little fun and fruity – and I mean that literally. Fruit can be more than just a snack; it can add some serious flavor to your love life. But hey, let's keep it clean and allergy-free, okay?


Here's the lowdown on our top five fruits to bring some zest to your playtime:


1. Strawberries: These little red gems are like the poster fruit for romance. Get into some strawberry action by teasing each other with a taste before diving in for a bite. It's a sweet little game that can lead to some serious heat. Hint smeared strawberries turn into body paint…..


2. Grapes: Who knew grapes could be so flirty? Feed them to your boo, let them dance across your skin, and see where that takes you. It's simple, but oh-so-effective.  Get the seedless ones though, just in case. Who wants to be bothered with seeds while being nasty?


3. Bananas: Okay, so bananas are nature's wink. They're perfect for a little bit of raunchy fun and can be a hilarious way to lighten the mood before things get steamy.  Just know, a banana will melt and get really mushy once it connects with heat!!! But then again, who doesn’t like Banana Pudding?????


4. Cherries: Cherries are all about that playful tease. Have some fun with the stems or just enjoy the juicy burst of flavor together. It's a little bit sweet for your sweetie.  And you wonder where the term, bust her cherry, came from?


5. Mango: If you're looking to bring some tropical vibes to the bedroom, mangoes are your go-to. Share some slices, get messy, and lick the sweetness off each other. It's a deliciously sensual experience.  The juiciness alone from a ripe mango speaks for itself.


Just a heads up, make sure you and your partner are on the same page before you start getting your fruit freak on. It's all about that open chat and making sure everyone's down for the fun.

Keep it real and let that love life of yours thrive – with or without the fruit bowl.



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