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Don’t Let My Single Vibe Fool You, I Ain’t Trying To Stay Here - Tahij #singlespotlight

Atlanta GA

Q: LaTonya MeChelle here, your personal Love Coach! Spill the tea - why do you think you've been riding the single train for so long, despite being one that is constantly getting attention? I mean, I can vouch for the attention you get, I've seen it over and over!

I have been single my entire life. I think I'm starting to realize that I'm not the problem. We live in a world where nowadays most people are not looking for just that one person, the traditional way is slowly dying, and sad to say I believe my generation doesn't focus on love or relationships as much anymore. So at least me being by myself. I know what I like, and I know myself more.


Q: Now, let's talk real talk - do you believe that the struggle to find a man who wants to settle down is just as real for gay men as it is for straight women out there? Are you all out here in the same love boat, or is there something different afloat in the gay dating pool?

Honestly, I feel as a gay man that we understand what women mean about how hard it is to find a committed and interesting Black man.  I am a man but men at this time in life are weak, disrespectful, ungrateful, and too damn soft. Men have lost the guideline of what it deserves to be called a man. Hell, I know more women who are more dominant/ masculine than a lot of men.


Q: Long-distance relationships! Are they a no-go zone for you, or do you think love knows no boundaries, not even miles apart? Give me your thoughts about navigating the rough waters of long-distance love affairs.

Chile, I have tried long-distance relationships multiple times. No matter if it is 3-12 hours away, I have realized that I don't do good with long-distance relationships. Only because I am a visual and touchy person, so I need my partner as close as possible. I'm the romantic type who likes to do date nights every week, Netflix & cuddle, surprise gifts, take adventures together, and more. I just feel like it's hard to have a long-distance relationship when you like to do things like this but hey it ain't for everyone.


Q: Picture this: your ideal mate strolling into your life like a vision from a romance novel. What qualities and characteristics are non-negotiable for you, honey? I want to hear all about the kind of love that sets your soul on fire!

Hmmm, I would say I love a man who has great communication, like open conversations, and good advice but also a great listener. A man who has goals has a spiritual connection, is open-minded to trying new things, and understands energy and peace. I love the risk-takers. The ones who know what they want when they see them, are not scared to try love or to fall in love.


Q: Let's get real deep now - paint me a picture of your ideal relationship. What does it look like, feel like, and how does it make you want to shout your love from the rooftops?

My example of my ideal relationship is: " We wake up to each other, kisses before going to work/ starting our day off, after work both come home, have a table dinner and talk about our day, then cuddle up for some chill time on the couch, most likely do our happy time lol and then off to bed. On the weekends or off days we plan to go on dates, travel, explore new places and things, and do activities together.


Q:  In this wild world of modern dating, what do you think is the biggest hurdle for finding true love in the gay community these days? Is it the apps, the games, or maybe just the sheer abundance of options out there?

Ok so in the gay community, I hate to say this, but the gay community is built on a lot of sexual stereotypes. The apps don't help at all because most of the fine men I do see are just wanting to hook up with you and leave but the guys that we are least attracted to are wanting to be with you. So, it's really confusing and annoying sometimes


Q: LaTonya MeChelle is all about authenticity and genuine connections. How do you stay true to yourself while navigating the dating scene, where everyone's got a story to tell and a mask to wear?

Ok, so I love me so much. I respect myself, I treat myself, I honor myself. So, if a man can't do that for me or do better for me then I'm good. I have learned that people will try to fool you with these masks. So, you can't trust what you see.


Q:  Let's talk about vulnerability. How do you open up and let someone into your heart, knowing that love can be a battlefield? Are you a warrior in love, or do you sometimes find yourself retreating to protect your heart?

I'm the clean slate type. Whoever I meet I always come to them with an open mind & open heart, but I still have to watch out for the negative energy or those narcissistic types.


Q: Confidence is key! How do you maintain your self-assurance and keep your head held high in a world that can sometimes make us question our worth? Give me your tips for staying fierce and fabulous!

I have to literally keep in mind that I'm a great person to be in a relationship with or to be friends with. Every time I see a mirror, I always look at myself and admire how my face and body look. I know my worth and truth. It's their loss if they not trying to learn more about me.


Q: Last but not least - what's your love mantra? Share with me the words that keep you going, that remind you that love is worth the risk and the wait.

Growing old together, us against the world, best friend, husband



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