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Don’t Let My Single Vibe Fool You, I Ain’t Trying To Stay Here - Joseph #singlespotlight

Washington DC

Q: LaTonya MeChelle: "Well, well, well, look who we have here! Mr. 'I'm giving up on love,' huh? Why the change of heart? We know you are a catch, so what's really going on in that mind of yours?"

I haven't really changed my mind, I just not looking for love. If it is love out there for me, it has to happen naturally and organically.


Q: LaTonya MeChelle: "Let's talk about your dream woman. What qualities does she possess? Paint us a picture of your ideal mate - we're all ears!"

Sis that is not something that I want to express. I always felt like when you express what you like in a mate the potential mate will act out what you are expressing. Hence, we find ourselves locking in with representatives. My ideal mate is just gonna have to have what I need and desire. I will not tell my mate what I need and desire.


Q: LaTonya MeChelle: "We see through that tough exterior of yours! Deep down, we know you're a big softie. Describe to us what your perfect relationship looks like. Don't hold back now!"   

My perfect relationship is one where affection is displayed.... Excuse me genuine affection, not affection only on social media. My perfect relationship would be one that would not allow anyone to come between us. I can't give you too much because then I will be telling the ladies what I am looking for... LOL!!!


Q: LaTonya MeChelle: "So, Mr. 'I'm staying single,' spill it - what do you think is the biggest obstacle in today's dating scene? Is it games, the ghosting, or something else entirely? Lay it all out on the table for us!"

I think that it is the false sense of not needing anyone. You know we all make enough money to take care of ourselves, so we carry a fck you attitude. I also believe that social media has had a negative influence on how we see one another. Our culture is not like it used to be. It's all about getting into a man's pockets and men trying to get into women’s panties. Once upon a time, we genuinely cared for one another. I can also say that online dating has ruined it as well. You can look at pictures and decide at a click if you want to date someone. That has hurt the dating scene. Also, let me say this. I have no patience for bullshit. As soon as I feel it, there is no chance with me.


Q: LaTonya MeChelle: "Describe your ideal date night scenario that would really move you. Are you a dinner-and-a-movie kind of guy, or do you prefer something more adventurous? We need all the juicy details!"   

I prefer going to listen to some live music. Have drinks and see how we are vibing. I feel like a few drinks will cause the real person to show the representative usually cannot fake when alcohol is involved. I am not the one who tries to impress a woman with my pocket, so no, there will be no lavish juicy first dates with me. I want to talk and feel your vibe. I want to see how you conduct yourself. I want to see if you are going to handle yourself like a lady or a thot!!!!


Q:  LaTonya MeChelle: "What's holding you back from opening your heart to the possibility of love again? Are you afraid of getting hurt, or is it something deeper that's keeping you on the sidelines?"   

I am not really holding my heart from the possibility of love again. I have not met anyone who has demanded the key. You have to understand this. I have been through a lot in life. It's going to take time for me to get to know a person and most women these days don't have time, they don't have the patience that I require. One month in and they are hollering about, "What are we doing"? I am like, "Oh here we go with this bullshit...." My response is usually we ain't doing nothing. Because I don't feel like she is genuine in wanting to be with me. Most times women are painting this picture to their girlfriends that we are more than what it really is and that creates a problem for me. So no, nothing is holding me back I just have not met the one that makes my heart skip a beat.


Q: LaTonya MeChelle: "Let's talk deal-breakers. What are some non-negotiables for you when it comes to relationships? Is there anything that would make you run for the hills faster than Usain Bolt?"

Smokers are a no..... I don't like any smoke emanating from a woman's mouth. I do not like wigs at all.... I do not like make-up. I feel like a woman should be proud of the skin that she is in. Be confident, don't let society dictate what beauty is. Low self-esteem is a no-go. BBLs are a no-go. A nasty mouth and being loud is a no-go. Not having ambition is a no-go.... Half-naked is a no-go.... I don't like that twerking shit in public either.... Have some class about yourself. I just like a grown-ass woman!


Q:  LaTonya MeChelle: "Sweetheart, do you believe in soulmates, or are you more of a 'love is what you make it' kind of guy? Share your thoughts on destiny, fate, and all that good stuff with us!"

No, I don't believe in soul mates. I believe that we grow INTO LOVE. I believe that when 2 people have genuine care for one another it will cause them to yearn for one another. I believe that time and overcoming adversities together will strengthen our love for one another.


Q: LaTonya MeChelle: "We all know you're a good man with a heart of gold. What do you believe is the key to finding lasting love in a world full of fleeting connections? Share your wisdom with us!"

I believe the key to finding lasting love is finding someone who is not of the world... NO EXPLANATION NEEDED... IFYKYK... But clearly, I do not have that answer because I have not found mine yet. lol


Q: LaTonya MeChelle: "Last but not least, if you could give one piece of advice to your fellow good-hearted men out there who are feeling discouraged about love, what would it be?

It would be to LOVE THEMSELVES and to raise their standards. Be patient and stop trying to fck everything moving. Things will become a lot clearer to them. Stop being slaves to sex. But the most important answer is that they have to get their life in order and set some standards in their life. God will send the right one to them. Don't be discouraged!


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