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Dear 'The LoveChologist' #ihaveaquestion

Welcome to "Dear LoveChologist"! As a dedicated Love Coach, LaTonya MeChelle, aka ‘The LoveChologist’ is here to help individuals navigate through their relationship issues and concerns. We're excited to open up the floor to our audience, inviting you to share your perspectives on various matters, with the permission of the submitter, of course. Each month, we'll feature a new letter, and we encourage you to visit our website,, to provide your feedback in the comments section.  We can't wait to see you all come together to provide valuable insights and support to help keep people on the right track in their relationships.

Dear LoveChologist,

Hello, I need your help.  I am facing a dilemma that has left me feeling confused and uncertain about myself. I am a young man who has always identified as straight, dating girls and never questioning my sexuality until recently.

At a party not too long ago, something unexpected happened that has turned my world upside down. My brother's best friend kissed me, and to my surprise, I found myself enjoying the moment despite feeling conflicted. The rush of emotions that followed left me wanting to punch him and distance myself, but deep down, I couldn't deny that I was drawn to the experience in a way I never expected.

To add to the confusion, that same night, I slept with a girl and also found pleasure in that encounter. The conflicting feelings and thoughts swirling in my mind have left me grappling with questions about my identity and what this all means for me.

I am struggling to make sense of my emotions and desires. Before that night, I had never considered the possibility of being attracted to men. Now, I can't stop thinking about that kiss and what it might mean for me. Does enjoying that moment make me gay? Or does it simply suggest that I am open to exploring different aspects of my sexuality?

I am reaching out to you for guidance and support as I navigate this unfamiliar territory. I feel lost and unsure of how to proceed. I fear judgment from others and worry about how this discovery might impact my relationships with those around me.

Your expertise and understanding would mean the world to me as I try to make sense of my feelings and find clarity in this confusing time. Thank you for listening, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this matter.




If you have a relationship dilemma, feel free to send it to Rest assured, your submissions will be kept confidential between you and LaTonya until we receive your permission to share



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