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'BOTCH' Can I Have A Butt Injection, Please?

Updated: Apr 3

'BOTCH' And All That Bootie Action - #buttinjection

"Botch," starring Kelly Kellz, Armeen Acy and Jhonni Blaze, is a compelling movie, written and directed by Curtis Franklin, that focuses on the dangerous world of illegal butt injections, shedding light on the risks and consequences associated with taking the easy and cheaper way out. You always hear people talk about how they've wanted to be something since they were little, but this movie will take you beyond surface conversation and make you question why exactly they want to pursue their chosen path. I want women to know that they are beautiful, which sounds good, but after watching this movie and observing Ms. Layla in action, she definitely gives a different meaning to it. The thought of getting butt injections in a sleazy hotel room alone should raise 'red flags,' but then again, maybe not.

'BOTCH' And All That Bootie Action - #buttinjection

Shifting gears, the movie also raises the question of the importance of therapy in addressing past pain. In today's world, where hurt people hurt people is the norm, a result of their own unresolved traumas, the role of therapy in healing and breaking the cycle of hurt is more crucial than ever. "Botch" serves as a reminder of the profound impact of unresolved past pain and how it can take over your whole life if you don't take action.

In the film, Layla's character exemplifies the devastating effects of a wrecked past. Her story serves as a bold reminder of how unresolved trauma can shape one's life, leading to destructive decisions and behaviors. "Botch" invites audiences to contemplate the far-reaching consequences of unhealed wounds and the transformative power of seeking help to navigate through past pain.

Overall, "Botch" not only brings attention to the dangers of illegal procedures but also sparks important conversations about the value of addressing past pain and breaking the cycle of hurt in our world.


So here's what you gotta do: Head over to TUBI and watch "BOTCH." After you're done watching, come back here and drop a comment with your take on the drama.

'BOTCH' And All That Bootie Action - #buttinjection





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