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Age Ain't Nothing But A Number - Gary & Sierra #couplespotlight

Tell Us About Gary & Sierra

Gary and I met casually through a mutual friend 3 years ago. We formally met in September 2022 and started dating in October of 2022 and the rest is history. Gary and I are BEST FRIENDS! We have the time of our life together and enjoy the “Silver Fox” attention Gary gets everywhere we go. Gary and I are 18 years apart and have the most authentic love affair either of us has ever experienced. I have a 12-year-old son, Parker and Gary has no biological children but LOVES Parker as his own. Gary and I love to travel the world, shop, and enjoy live music together. One of the things that we cherish is our private nights and our intimate conversations. We both have a love for animals and helping people. In our downtime, we enjoy deepening our relationships with our friends and spending time with family.  When Gary and I travel we are often stopped and asked about our attire or “WHO ARE YALL?” LOL! We LOVE to dress nicely and meet new people around the world. We are knocking on year 2 of a wonderful relationship and we’re excited to continue building together. We keep God first in all that we do and will continue to do so as we journey in life. 

Q.  Because of the age gap, you would think that jealous may occur every so often.  How does your spouse handle you all traveling without one another or attending outings separately? 

Gary: I trust Sierra, so I don’t worry about it. I think it’s fun and I support whatever she wants to do. Our connection is strong enough and I trust what’s established. I understand Sierra is young and younger guys will hit on her, but I’m confident in who I am and what I bring to the table. 

Sierra: Gary gets attention everywhere he goes because of his silver features, and I LOVE IT FOR HIM! I get such a kick out of watching women admire my man, my motto: if they can get him, he wasn’t mine from the start, so I don’t concern myself with nonsense. I trust him to respect what we share. 

Q: Can you share some personal stories that challenge the notion that age is a determining factor in compatibility? 

Anyone who sees Gary and I out and about would share that our relationship (our vibe) alone challenges this notion. I have NEVER had this much fun in my life with a partner. We laugh, joke, play, and are like two old friends hanging out EVERY TIME we are together.

Q: What are some benefits of dating someone older or younger than yourself? 

Sierra: For Me (Sierra) dating older I enjoy a more mature conversation and less gray area of where you stand in the relationship. Gary challenges my thoughts, respectfully redirects me when I’m wrong, and supports all my endeavors. He’s not intimidated by me yet encourages my continuous growth. 

Gary: Dating younger, I enjoy Sierra’s different perspective and excitement to try new things. Sierra is highly motivated and has a hunger for life and it’s infectious, this is rejuvenating. 


Q: How do cultural and generational differences play a role in relationships where there's a significant age gap? 

Honestly, there aren’t many cultural differences but there are some generational differences that we experience from time to time such as music, TV shows, catchphrases etc. but it’s not significant enough to matter. 

Q: Are there any unique challenges that couples with significant age differences might face, and how can they overcome them? 

Challenges: Yes, you may experience criticism from people and our advice is to be true to yourself and make decisions for your life that make you happy. 

Q: How do individuals and couples navigate judgment and criticism from others regarding their age-disparate relationships? 

For Gary and I, we have experienced more support than anything. I think society has evolved and normalized age differences in relationships. 

Q: What advice would you give those who are interested in dating someone who is younger or older? 

Our advice is not to be influenced by outside opinions of narrow-minded individuals who don’t understand. In addition, don’t try to change someone or think that your way is the right way, love them for who they are. 

Q: What are some key factors that contribute to the success of relationships where partners have a notable age difference? 

Respect each other's differences, remain open-minded & trust one another. Help create a safe space for your partner to be vulnerable. Don’t treat your partner like a child because they’re younger, be mindful not to belittle your partner's thoughts and opinions. 

images by J&K Photography, Darryl E. Edwards 


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