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13 Rules That Women Should Know When Meeting Someone They Met Online.

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Ladies, please be careful out here while dating these men that you meet online - Hell, men that you meet period. Please know that these days anyone can take on any identity and be whomever they want. They can say they work wherever and do whatever. You can meet them and they can act mad cool when they are plotting to either steal from you or even more deceive and hurt you. I'm giving you a PERSONAL warning, please be careful...there are truly dangerous people out here.

1. If you are meeting someone, do it in a public place and make sure someone knows where you are at all times.

2. Ask for a piece of ID. The best line, I don't believe you're that old - let me see some ID. Yes criminals can get a fake ID too but most likely they won’t. Remember the full name, date of birth and address if you can. You never know when you may need this info.

3. I never done this before until now, do a Google search of this person. If all you get is a pro player or some worldwide businessperson, most likely you've been hoodwinked.

4. If they say let's go for a walk, don't go until you have spent a lot of time with him and you trust him. Please don't go. Go drink coffee or go bowling. Some where were there's cameras.

5. Carry something on you at all times that can help you defend yourself if you get put in a crazy situation. I'm not saying a gun but hell, they sell razors at the beauty supply store.

6. Never come out your pocket when you first meet!!! Even if they say they will pay you back or go ahead and buy the tickets. Say, nope, I can't do that and make up a reason.

7. Never allow them to pick you up or to know where you live. Always meet them, so you can leave and get away if need be.

8. Don't get too excited if they invite you to their spot. Killers have homes too and they already think you're naive and know you ain't telling anyone cause you are too embarrass because you met them online. Plus once he kills you, who are you gonna tell where he lives?

9. Take selfies with him each time y'all meet and tell him you keep a memory book and send to your smartest friend, not always your closest cause some of them are dumb and wouldn't know what to do if you come up missing.

10. Get his tag number on his car, if he has one. If he is always in a different car, rental or Uber/Lyft, ask questions and be careful.

11. Listen to what they say...most men will warn you before they do something. Some of them are either guilty and are trying to warn you because they really don't want to hurt you but it's in their soul. Others are angry. Others just like to brag. Whatever the reason, listen and pay attention. Pretend you are in basic math again and start adding things up. You don't have the Holy Spirit in you for nothing.

12. Thinking in your strong, independent and spontaneous mode should go out the window until you have spent more time with this person. If anything you should be in your smart inquisitive girl mode.


Please know that there are evil men out here that prey against women that they think are weak. They prey against good women who they think won't say anything because you're so loving.

There's a reason why I'm writing about this. I'm not judging anyone, believe me if anything I'm trying to save someone from what I experienced. I wasn't smart enough to do any of these things cause like most, I thought I WAS UNTOUCHABLE & NO ONE WOULD TRY TO HURT ME! His exact words to me were.... You're Only Still Alive Because You Have A Good Heart.

Please share this with all the single women you know, even the married ones that go online to creep on their husbands. People kill out here!!!

I'm sorry fellas if this sounds deceptive to y'all but oh well, other guys have given y'all a bad rep and we must be careful.

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